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Beginners Weekend Courses

  • For everyone wishing to start exploring the handpan, no prior experience needed

  • Learn basic techniques to explore the handpan

  • Create simple melodies and rhythms

  • Jam with others, share the joy of playing music together

  • Try different scales and sizes of handpans

  • Learn about the roots of handpans and how they are made

  • Meridian Handpans provided for everyone

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Weekend Courses

  • For those who already have some experience playing the handpan and want to solidify the basics

  • Also suitable for those who have participated in the Beginners Course and want to learn more

  • Get a better understanding of how to approach the handpan and how to start creating your own music

  • Learn more rhythms and develop new melodies

  • Have fun jammimg with others

  • Meridian Handpans provided for everyone

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Intermediate Weekend Courses

  • For everyone who already knows the basics of playing the handpan and wishes to go further

  • Practice independence of hands, new rhythms and techniques

  • Deepen your handpan skills

  • Understand how to jam with others and play together

  • Improvise and compose your own music

  • Get to know the scale of your handpan well

  • Meridian Handpans provided for everyone

handpan teacher

1-to-1 (2-to-1) Lessons

  • Explore the handpan / improve your skills in 1-1 (2-1) settings (60min/90min sessions)

  • Suitable for all levels from complete beginners to advanced players

  • Focus on a topic of your choice, each session is adapted to your needs

  • Learn at a pace that suits you

  • Use one of our Meridian Handpans or bring your own handpan 

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