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Master the Handpan with Mea Duo

Learn with Marketa & Master the Handpan

Master the Handpan is the biggest online learning platform for handpan players. Discover a range of courses and masterclasses and join Marketa (and MEA Duo) in exploration of this beautiful instrument.

Enter DISCOUNT CODE: MEADUO for 10% discount of all the courses.

Learn with Amy Naylor on YouTube

Enjoy an incredible array of resources, tutorials, challenges and projects all for free at Amy's YouTube channel! 

Amy Naylor with handpan
Rosie Bergonzie handpan fundamentals

Learn with Rosie Bergonzi on YouTube

Explore handpan fundamentals with Rosie, dive into the world of rhythm, handpan techniques and scales! 

Handpan Music Inspiration

marketa handpan

Marketa's solo project

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Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 19.54.46.png

Amy's solo project

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-24 at 15.11_edited.jpg

Rosie's solo project

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Handpan Journey Playlist


Handpan & Voice Playlist


Women of Handpan


Future Rust Vol. 4

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